As the name obviously suggests, a dental malpractice lawyer is specifically advising or litigating cases in which a party was injured due to negligence during dental work, wrong or false diagnosis of a relevant health condition, or intentional or unintentional misconduct by the dental health care provider.

If your injury can be directly linked to dental malpractice, it is certainly advisable to consult with a reputable dental malpractice lawyer in order to discuss the necessary steps to get compensated for your suffering.

Should I hire a malpractice lawyer? Well, if you have reason to believe that your case has the grounds to file for a compensation claim, my personal option is: Yes. Chances are your dental health care professional has malpractice insurance and a good attorney on his team. If a dental malpractice claim has to go to trial because it cannot be resolved through outside court negotiation, the process can drag on for a long time and therefore get quite costly.

Thus, it is of paramount importance to find the right dental malpractice lawyer for your particular situation. A lot of attorneys are okay with not charging you anything unless they recover the desired compensation for you. Then they will get a portion of the awarded settlement. However, make sure that you fully understand all the terms and conditions of such an arrangement, as several fees and charges may apply. In order to find the right attorney for your case, ideally, you can reach out to family or friends and ask for referrals. Otherwise, the Internet is a great starting point. Most of the reputable malpractice attorneys have short summaries of their previously litigated cases online and usually, also share publicly the settlement compensation amounts they were able to recover for their clients.

Before you sign up with a dental malpractice attorney, though, ask for a free consultation. This will give you a chance to meet with him face to face and get clarification on the most burning questions you may already have at this point.

What Constitutes Dental Malpractice?

Everybody has an understanding as to what medical malpractice is. But did you know about dental malpractice? Any doctor – and most of them do – can get malpractice insurance. And the dentist can get it, too.

If you think that you received an injury which was a result of your dentist’s mishap or malpractice, it might be a good thing to consult with a dental malpractice lawyer to explore your options to get compensated. In comparison to others, dental malpractice claims are usually smaller than others that are typically filed in the medical community. But what constitutes dental malpractice? If your dentist either failed to detect or misdiagnosed a condition or treated you improperly, you might have a case of malpractice.

Injuries we typically see as a result of dental malpractice include but are not limited to: cuts to the lips, damaged nerves, mishaps during dental surgery or treatment, failure to detect an oral disease and the worst possible scenario is when a patient’s death is related to the use of anesthesia. If you seek medical attention of a health care provider, you can expect a proper diagnosis and adequate treatment. And if a dentist fails to meet his responsibility, you may have grounds to get a medical malpractice claim on track.

However, everything has got to be within reason, Clearly, if you have a swollen tongue for a few hours after your dentist extracted a wisdom tooth, this would not warrant a lawsuit against him. Only if your injury is of severe or permanent nature you may have a case worthwhile looking into. As already mentioned, being the most drastic instance of dental malpractice would be the improper administration of anesthesia that caused a patient to die.

Other examples of severe injuries permanent damages (injuries to the nerves, facial tissue or nerves) caused by surgery and that left the patient with impairments or even loss of sensation, taste, the ability to talk normally or to eat.

Dental Malpractice Lawyers

Medical malpractice lawyers generally do not have the best reputation. We often see these attorneys starring in what they hope to be tough and hard-hitting ad campaigns showing how much they would love to fight for your rights. Open the phone book and you will see listing after listing of full-page ads trying to vie for your attention. The reason we see these attorneys advertising so much is because of the money involved. We may make fun of them; however, they can be very useful when the need arises.

Make no mistake about it; people often suffer permanent injuries at the hands of an incompetent doctor or a distracted nurse. No one is perfect, and there will be times in institutions when people do make mistakes. There are tons of protocol and precise guidelines on how things should be done in medical facilities; however, no matter how hard they try, mistakes will be made. This could result in something such as being permanently scarred or as serious as death. Medical malpractice can result in emotional scarring as well as the physical injury itself.

As a result of these injuries, you should seek out the top medical malpractice lawyers in your area. Referrals are always a great way to find a good malpractice lawyer. If you do not have your own lawyer you can ask your friends or neighbors to put you in touch with someone they trust. Usually these general practice lawyers will not practice medical malpractice cases; however, they will know who to put you in touch with. Your State Bar can also provide you with several recommendations of malpractice lawyers in your area. Do plenty of research to make sure you are getting the best attorney or firm in your area.

Medical malpractice lawyers usually take cases on contingency. If they win the case they will receive a portion of the settlement payment for their services. You can rest assured that with this type of compensation a lawyer will not take your case unless they truly believe they have a chance to win. Lawyers being compensated on contingency will fight for every last penny to increase their own payment.

Some people may waver on whether or not they should file a medical malpractice suit. Often time there is a stigma attached to filing lawsuits. However, many of the people who frown on litigation have not been harmed in any way. If it was themselves or a loved one who was on the end of the medical practice suit they would probably be singing a different tune.

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