Sacks & Leichter LLP is one of the few law firms in the United States where the lawyers are all board certified physicians and doctors.

The complexity and diversity of medical science is increasing rapidly. Due to the swift pace of change and advancement, we feel it is important that medical malpractice lawyers be familiar with these areas.  Our firm’s doctor-lawyers bring together over 40 years of experience in law and the practice of medicine, including our training in internal medicine, gastroenterology, obstetrics & gynecology, and dental surgery. 

Additionally, our law firm is one of the few to maintain a Medical Records Review Advisory Board that is adept at assisting our doctor-lawyers in detailed case evaluations to determine whether cases are meritorious.  Our advisory board team is comprised of independent board certified physicians and other medical professionals in specialized areas such as radiology, neurology, medical oncology, pulmonary medicine, infectious diseases, emergency medicine, pharmacology, and chiropractic medicine. 

As a law firm, we are dedicated to representing seriously injured clients in a sensitive and compassionate manner with the honesty and integrity they deserve.  Our goal is to achieve the best possible result for our clients in each and every case we handle.

As a service to its clients and the public, the firm produces the Medical Malpractice Inquirer to offer insight and commentary on a variety of topics including important developments in the field of medicine and other health trends while also offering a legal perspective.